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Our history

A family business

We are a family owned small business of 46 people specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of fresh products since 1984!

Our location

Aspasia has a 5500m² production facility in the Paris region, certified to IFS & BIO standards by ECOCERT.

Aspasia is both a flexible and powerful company, we are able to meet the volume constraints of distributor markets as well as confidential markets.

Our philosphy

We create recipes for you from carefully selected and controlled raw materials, always prioritizing products from our beautiful country. Thus we participate in the economic activity of France in partnership with our suppliers who share our ambition. 

To ensure successful and tasty products, we work mainly with fresh vegetables, washed, peeled and cut in our factory. We make our own bread used in our recipes. We smoke our cod roe in our own beech wood smoker for a more authentic taste.

Aspasia knows how to make products that are adapted to its customers, those that will guarantee the desired economic performance and optimal consumer satisfaction.

Our nutritional commitments

We have invested in a new process for your food well-being by developing a product range without additives, preservatives or colorants. This process, the HPP technique, naturally preserves the flavors of the product and its nutritional qualities, it extends its shelf life while ensuring maximum food safety.


Aspasia: eat healthy! 

More freshness, preserved flavour, organic food is taking on a new dimension in the field of fresh produce. With organic products and their HPP product range, Aspasia has become an essential reference in the service of "healthy eating". From now on, meat, fish and vegetables will delight the taste buds and palates of omnivorous consumers, vegetarians and veggie lovers... 


Aspasia won the Organic Innovation Award at the Casino trade show organized by the FEEF in 2017.

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